microblogging Microblog, when we see his words in order to be micro and blogs. Micro itself has meaning "little" while blogs (web logs) itself can be interpreted as "an online journal". So the microblog itself has meaning online journal on a small scale. Activity or activities in the posting (blogging) commonly called the microblogging (blogging, or blogging on a small scale). Microblog as a form of multimedia blogs also allow users to post multimedia content such as images or sound clips for others to see.

The difference between a web blog with its own micro blogs found on the maximum number of characters when creating a post. Microblog itself has a limited number of characters and usually have limits under 200 characters. Because microblog have limitations fewer characters compared to the web blog, users most often use facilities such as microblog updates daily information of the user as it is faster and even more dynamic now can be done using a mobile phone. Very different web blogs that have characters that are not limited in any posting, the users are able to explain the details of the information and would require more time to construct the post. and this is not micro iguess :D

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